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Everyone has questions. If you ever wonder whether there’s more in life, you are not alone. We all explore every day, in small way and big way. We find ourselves defining and reinventing ourselves. We connect and share, we learn from each other and grow together. We push our limits, challenge ourselves and we put in the hours hoping to build something that last. We want to squeeze all the life out of life and wish it would last. For all our searching, it’s rare to find time to talk about the big questions of life.

What is ALPHA

It’s an open, informal and honest space to explore and discuss life’s big questions together. Alpha is a series of interactive sessions to discuss life and faith in an informal, fun and friendly environment!

What is it Like

Good Food

Some of the best friendships are formed over food. That’s why every Alpha begins with a meal.


A short video that explores life and various aspects of the basic of Christian faith.



The chance to share thoughts and ideas in a small group. There’s no obligation to say anything and there’s nothing you can’t say (seriously). It’s an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your own perspective in a friendly and open environment.

Weekend Get Away

Unwind at the weekend away in a resort with lots of fun, food and fellowship! It’s all about getting away from the busyness of everyday life to connect with others, relax, and continue exploring questions of life.

Today, more than 27,000,000 in the world have attended Alpha. Come join us, no pressure and no charge.


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What is RZIM

Difficult Questions. Thoughtful Answers.

For over 30 years and across 43 countries, RZIM has met millions of questioners with thoughtful answers concerning faith and God.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) talks revolve around “big questions” that the corporate world as well as students might be thinking through. Facilitated by leading speakers from RZIM, the given question is analysed in a way which often brings new insight alongside a perspective from the Christian world-view. The talk is designed for those of any faith or none and often viewed as a unique learning opportunity, a way of enhancing understanding of company values. A period of Q & A, in the authentic spirit of dialogue, following every talk is always a highlight. As there is so little time to reflect on life’s big questions, the topic of the talk creates a space for driven individuals and high-performance companies to reflect on life’s deeper issues in contexts where they thrive.

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