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Sum Keong spend a considerable time in the Malaysian workplace divided between the private and public sectors, while having also worked with the NHS in UK. He has been practising obstetrician and gynaecologist, then a gynaecologic oncologist, a pastor and an itinerant speaker with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Having left a thriving medical practice after spending 26 years attending to patients as well as coaching and training both young medical and para-medical staff he then devoted the next half a decade to ministry work and speaking.

Currently Sum Keong gets invited to speak at schools, colleges and workplaces on topics that centre on the difficult questions in life pertaining to work and community. As a pastor his passions in ministry are helping young adults especially those at the workplace not only to cope but to excel, while being coached to be well-balanced individuals in both work and life. He also has an active teaching ministry within churches and in company fellowships. Among his writings he has contributed a chapter on a Christian Oncologist’s perspective on healing in a book called ‘There is Hope’.

Before taking up pastoring and speaking, he spent a year studying apologetics and theology in Oxford. He is married with 4 children. His other passions include road cycling, travelling and both making and listening to an eclectic mix of music.

Joel graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Entrepreneurship. In university, he participated in various events as an emcee, as well as the organiser of selected events. He started his career in the area of consultancy under the Strategic Advisory arm of Maybank Investment Bank, then moved on to the Hong Leong Group in the area of finance, whilst pursuing a professional accountancy qualification.

After having spent over three years in the professional field, he was called to join the church in a full-time capacity. He was serving in various leadership roles in the campus ministry, then moved on to the young working adults ministry, serving his peers. He is passionate about helping others find their purpose in life, and to live life to the full. As a young adult pastor, he conducts a program that gives fresh graduates handles to launch them into reaching their full potential at the workplace.

He is married to Charmine, who herself is in the HR line in a professional services firm. Joel enjoys watching TV series in his free time, and learning new skills to keep himself abreast with the happenings around him.


Claudia was in the corporate sector for almost 3 decades in the areas of financial services, property research and analytics, accounting practice, start-up and business transformation. She has worked in various markets such as Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.

Prior to her involvements in Workplace @the River, she was an executive director with a company and a Group CIO of a financial group. Her passions are exploring blue ocean market space and spearheading new business start-up. Her aspiration is to help organisation to transform their workplace and seeing lives fulfilled in the workplace.  She is a coach with Alpha Malaysia.

Her interests include music, reading and travelling.


Aaron has been mostly involved in events management industry. Previously, he has worked for companies locally and overseas to organised various types of events. Soon he went for specialised type of events which organises business talks and corporate certification trainings and workshops focusing on the expertise sectors of oil & gas, energy (hydro), anti-terrorism and banking & finance targeting Asia, Middle East and parts of African countries.

Years later, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship and started his partnership collaboration with other international event companies working closely to provide and produce quality and advanced certification trainings and workshops globally. Each event talks are organized based on the market demand and need of each targeted segment within the industry around the world. He believes that quality topics conducted are crucial in helping to make an impact and huge part of contribution to the development of the business world and economy. Apart from this, he is involved in other business industries within the food & beverage industry and natural resources mining.

He is married to his wife Fiona. His interest includes travelling, movies and reading.